Maddy Houghton: being a team player

This week’s theme is being a team player, being a team player is extremely important because it allows you to get tasks done quickly and efficiently but more significantly it boosts morale. During these unprecedented times morale is a key ingredient for our health and well-being. Now, you may be thinking, how can I be a team player during a national lockdown? Easy! Just by staying at home and following the regulations you are already playing a massive part in a team effort to stop the spread of coronavirus. Our physical health isn’t just affected by isolation our mental health is too. So, by boosting morale, being a team player and working efficiently we are promoting a healthy mind along with a healthy body. To boost my morale, I have been doing my favourite netball and fitness routines at home. Sadly, it is not with my teammates, but I am now part of a bigger team to help the country return to some normality.

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