Bosco House

“Young people need to know they are loved.”

Mr Goodenough – Head of Bosco House

It is with great pride that I have taken on the role of Head of Bosco House and I am really looking forward to seeing how our house participates and performs in the many activities and competitions on offer.

‘Confidence’ and ‘Resilience’ are the values that I want us to really take on board this year. Have the confidence to try competitions and activities that are new to you and have the resilience to keep on trying when things don’t go as well as you hoped. So that at the end of the school year you can look back with a sense of achievement at all you have done to represent our house.

Our house saint, Saint John Bosco, was committed to ensuring that when every child left school they had skills to ensure they could survive and prosper in life. I want every pupil in my house to be given and to take the opportunity to better themselves by playing an active role in representing Bosco House .

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