The CTK Way Challenge

Are you ready for The CTK Way Challenge? Each week a member of the Year 11 Leadership Team will launch the challenge according to the ‘character’ chosen. This week we want you to demonstrate an Act of Kindness by sending us in your contribution, and we’ll share this with our community.
Don’t forget to check each Monday for the next character.

I would also like to add that for every entry each week, the name of the student will go into a draw for an Amazon voucher. 5 weeks. 5 chances to win!

Week One

This week’s theme is act of kindness, and one thing our family did was gather food to donate to a foodbank. Kindness and support is incredibly important, especially during this time of uncertainty and isolation. Kindness can come in many forms, such as a form of charity or helping out around the house. We also need to support each other; we are all in the same boat, it would be worthwhile to send a quick message to friends and family checking up on them, you never know what they could be going through. Most importantly, you need to be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to have time to focus on you and your mental health, whether by going on walks or starting new hobbies. In a time of isolation from the world, never forget that you aren’t alone and there’s plenty of people here to help you.

Week Two

This week’s theme is about being proud of our work, and one thing I have done to make myself feel proud in particular is how much I’ve advanced my skills within the kitchen; learning about new dishes from across the world and understanding the importance of embracing the diverse range of food we have before us. Taking pride in the work you do has many benefits, pride in your work offers you: a sense of accomplishment, appreciation and also a developed understanding of how hard work can benefit not just yourself, but those around us.

Even the smallest of tasks can make you feel proud, what you do doesn’t need to have an immediate impact, but it can create a ripple effect, such as: picking up litter, doing household chores, or even trying out a new skill which you never thought you could ever enjoy. All these subtle yet impactful decisions will make an impact, and since we’re all yet again locked up back in our homes, why not give it a try?

Week Three

This week’s theme is being a team player, being a team player is extremely important because it allows you to get tasks done quickly and efficiently but more significantly it boosts morale. During these unprecedented times morale is a key ingredient for our health and well-being. Now, you may be thinking, how can I be a team player during a national lockdown? Easy! Just by staying at home and following the regulations you are already playing a massive part in a team effort to stop the spread of coronavirus. Our physical health isn’t just affected by isolation our mental health is too. So, by boosting morale, being a team player and working efficiently we are promoting a healthy mind along with a healthy body. To boost my morale, I have been doing my favourite netball and fitness routines at home. Sadly, it is not with my teammates, but I am now part of a bigger team to help the country return to some normality.

Fajitas Made From Scratch by Charlotte in Y9

Week Four

Usually, when I attempt to write anything on a word document, the extremely indecisive part of my brain decides to drop in for a quick hello and tell me how ridiculous and pointless whatever I am about to type will be. I would then proceed to mope around the house and cry for the slightest bit of attention and validation from my mother. Even though I could easily leave my chair and do this, I feel extremely passionate about this week’s theme because it is something I know I have lacked a lot of during lockdown and I know my friends have too. Hard work takes endurance, perspective, and a butt load of sacrifice. During lockdown, I have noticed myself not putting enough effort into schoolwork, into staying fit and into leaving the spot I have sat in since I woke up. My mental health has been dreadful, resulting in the same pattern every day; feeling ambitious and determined to work and move, then feeling extremely sad and anxious about various things with varying importance, then feeling incapable of doing schoolwork because of these anxieties, then finally realising it is 8pm and I have done nothing remotely productive during my 10 hours of procrastination. Yes, I have had a few days where I have felt confident and productive, but there is no consistency.  It is like everything feels too much and the weight of it all is unbearable. Very dramatic stuff I know.


I have recently realised I have been playing a cruel and exhausting trick on myself since school’s closed. I have always been determined, ambitious and productive, I have just been avoiding the tasks and challenges Infront of me that I would usually face head on. I am a hard worker, but I have not been putting the hard work in. It is why my mental health has been so low and I have not felt like myself. The lack of structure to my day resulted in a poor little Luke not knowing what do with the amount of stress and boredom he was feeling.


So, what have I done to feel motivated and put the hard work back into my day?


Basically, I have been kinder to myself. I have encouraged myself to go outside and stretch my legs. I have involved myself in lessons and invested myself as much as I can in school. When I feel I could have worked harder in that lesson; I do not beat myself up over it. If I know I can be fitter, I do not beat myself up over it. Mentally, I am nowhere near where I want to be in terms of work ethic and health; but I am progressing. I feel that adding competitive aspects to staying fit or completing work makes me work harder and feel even more motivated to keep working, and if I don’t see the point in doing anything, I soon realise I’m being very stupid and get back to work.


I assume I will always stress too much over small things and have very VERY low points in the near future but working hard in school and staying in touch with the hobbies and people I will always love make it easier to get back on track to feeling good about myself.


As someone who finds themselves completing work close to deadlines because they are too busy researching how many Disney World theme parks could fit in Britain, I understand hard work is the worst sometimes. But if you feel like you cannot motivate yourself because of any reason, you are wrong. YOU are never alone and YOU can put the hard work into anything you want, it all just comes down to one beautiful individual to persevere and sacrifice their time for something they will 100% benefit from. It is not up to anyone else but yourself. I implore you to really think about that. Then, most importantly, go do something about it.


I hope that helped you as much as it helped me,


Luke Hart boosting morale, being a team player and working efficiently we are promoting a healthy mind along with a healthy body. To boost my morale, I have been doing my favourite netball and fitness routines at home. Sadly, it is not with my teammates, but I am now part of a bigger team to help the country return to some normality.

Week Five

Dear CTK Community,
With Shrove Tuesday coming up, it’s only right that we begin to perfect our pancake recipes!
As we all know, Shrove Tuesday marks the day before Ash Wednesday (the first day of
Lent) but some people may not know that we associate it with pancakes as they are a way to
use up rich foods such as eggs, milk and sugar before we begin our fasting during Lent.
On this day, many Christians go to confess their sins in preparation for the next 40 days and
hope to receive the strength from God to stay strong during their sacrifices and be able to
keep up with what they’ve promised. People also burn the previous year’s Holy Week palms
to finalize the Lenten Sacrifice. In other countries it can be referred to as ‘Fat Tuesday’
which, if you think about it, probably relates to us more than we want it to.
It is an important day for us all, but really it can remind us of how strong we are – to give up
something we love for so long, and highlights our resilience when it comes to these things.
Sacrificing something can be very hard but at the end of the day everyone’s going through
the same hardships and we can all support each other. Even if you’re not giving up anything,
the amount you’ve done for yourself and others over the past year is something that nobody
can be thanked enough for. Support is always here and you will not be shut down.
Anyway, who wants to make pancakes?
As I mentioned before, pancakes were a way of using up rich ingredients in preparation for
Lent – nowadays, it’s just a bit of fun (seeing as people are giving up things other than food
now). In my family, we usually have savoury pancakes for dinner and then sweet pancakes
for dessert. We have a mix of both American and English pancakes – some will argue that
English ones are just crêpes (personally, I disagree). The traditional filling for our pancakes
is sugar and lemon but I also love strawberries and cream.
Today I’m going to make American pancakes which means I’m going to be topping them
with things like syrup and bacon – some of my favourites! There are so many good recipes
on the internet but today I’m going to be using one from Nigella Lawson. Because I have
quite a few people in my house, I’m going to be doubling the recipe but you can do whatever
you want!
Here’s the recipe and some pictures of the ones my sister ate!
I hope you all have an incredible time and have fun over the next few weeks. Remember,
you’re doing a great job and your motivation has been amazing.
Thanks for reading,

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