Curriculum rationale

Our curriculum promotes deep learning and knowledge acquisition and aims to:

  • Enhance the spiritual, moral, cultural, emotional and physical development of pupils within the school and in society
  • Prepare pupils in school for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of later life
  • Provide pupils with the essential knowledge needed to be educated, citizens
  • Build on local context to meet the variety of pupil needs
  • Introduce pupils to the best that has been thought and said
  • Help engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement
  • Use enrichment opportunities involving the wider community to allow pupils to play an active part in their learning

Our School curriculum:

  • Fully meets the National Curriculum and the statutory requirements set out in programmes of study for each subject
  • Provides daily acts of collective worship and all pupils follow Religious Education at every key stage
  • Has a planned programme for delivery of Sex and Relationship Education, Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE), Citizenship, British Values, and Careers advice and guidance.

Curriculum provision, content and approach for each department/subject can be downloaded by selecting the corresponding links.

For any further information please contact Mrs Oliver (Assistant Headteacher in charge of Curriculum)

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Subject (Click for Information)

Exam Board Specifications

Head of Department: Miss S O’brien
Email Dept:

AQA GCSEC Art & Design

Head of Department: Mr C Wilson
Email Dept:

OCR GCSE Business (Year 10)

OCR GCSE Economics

EDEXCEL BTEC Level 2 First Award

Head of Department: Miss M Turrell
Email Dept:

AQA GCSE Child Development and Home Economics

Head of Department: Ms A Kennedy
Email Dept:

Head of Department: Mr D Goodenough
Email Dept:

WJEC GCSE Food and Nutrition

AQA GCSE Design Technology Product Design

AQA GCSE Design Technology Resistant Materials

AQA GCSE Design Technology Textiles

Head of Department: Mrs S Banks
Email Dept:


Head of Department: Miss B Lovett
Email Dept:

EDUQAS English

EDUQAS English Literature

Head of Department: Ms D Watkinson
Email Dept:

AQA GCSE Specification A

Head of Department: Mrs C Cane
Email Dept:

OCR GCSE History and Modern World B

Director of Maths: Mr D Usher
Email Dept:

EDEXCEL GCSE Mathematics (1MAO)

EDEXCEL GCE Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Head of Department: Mr K Kkounous
Email Dept:

AQA GCSE Media Studies

Head of Department: Miss S Calvignac
Email Dept:

Head of Department: Mrs. S Banks
Email Dept:


Head of Department: Mr M Critchley
Email Dept:

EDEXCEL GCSE Physical Education

Head of Department: Mrs. L Pemberton
Email Dept:

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