A day in the life of an ICT Technician,

It’s an early start to the day as I arrive in the school around 15 minutes before eight o’clock this is the time I dedicate towards the staff notice board, throughout the holidays I did a event call 25 laughs of Christmas which was to boost moral for the staff as it was one dad joke everyday they were utterly unfunny (it was super fun). However within the normal days now, most of the morning will be spent on my emails this process allows me to see new issues accruing within the school.

The majority of my day is putting out fires from the teaching staff as they seem to break everything they touch (haha), this may seem the most annoying or irritating part of the job, but it’s where I find the pleasures in it as you can teach and push people to progress their understanding of tech. Also watching them figure out half the words I use does put a smile on my face too.

Job Vacancy: Donegal school hiring ICT Technician

The faults that do happen can consisted of, monitors not turn on; projectors displaying the wrong image, keyboard and mouse issues are day to day occurrences (the boring jobs). The really good jobs are the ones with no description form the staff that reports it as then no matter what it is, it’s a surprise even if it loads of work (looking for a promotion here guys) :).

However from a normal technician stand point I don’t fit the mold as I do a lot of online and social media work which has changed my role as a technician I manage the school website (with an iron fist), posting school letters, constantly changing and tinkering with the look of website and even now this creating a blog format to overall boost the amount of click and eyes on the school itself. I hope I’ve done well as this is the first job were I know I can’t screw up as its the foundation of the school, the website could be the first thing new parents see of the school and with that there is a lot of pressure as the website needs to have everything they are looking for any information for their children’s subjects, their teachers but defiantly the most important is THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS (I can see the statistics ).

An ICT Technician in the UK - UTGÅTT - Engelsk (SF vg1) (LK06) - NDLA

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