Answers To Your Top 5 Questions – BANA – Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association

What made you choose CTK to do an apprenticeship?

  • To be truthful I was openly looking for an apprenticeship anywhere to get my foot in the door somewhere, greatly Christ the king/ asset training picked me for the role and I was interview against 4 others but as you can see the best man won. ( LIES )
What can you gain from doing the apprenticeship in terms of jobs and stuff?
  • Well within this apprenticeship I am training as a Junior Content Producer which has taught me to be able to do Processes such as SEO, Google trends, social media scheduling and most recently it is creating blogs within the school. through out working here I’ve learn vase amounts about server management.
What made you choose being a technician in the first place?
  • I choose being a technician as I have a prier knowledge on computing and was interested in developing my knowledge, with that I also had previously made websites while I was in school, even creating a games website ( for educational reasons 😉 ) this made me a nice fit for the role as it was good to have both backgrounds this didn’t make it any easier learning it.  (haha)
How are you finding it so far?
  • Its been an amazing experience through and through as its constantly changes everyday and you don’t know what’s coming up, this can be a blessing and curse, overall the job itself has been the best one I’ve had as I have had to grow so much due to the amount of responsibility I have with that seeing how much my opinion is valued within my office and with my collages throughout the school which I appreciate deeply knowing they don’t look down on me or see me as beneath them however seeing me as an equal (probably because of my POWER) .
When you are at work, how do you feel about your employer and other staff
  • While at work the staff are great they are always nice and respectful towards me unless provoked (haha) and the headteacher is a wonderful boss you can see her leadership skill run down the ladder of command and its great to see this from another scouser.

Do you get a lot of training and mentoring?

  • This does depend on the week itself and how busy it is, However I get trained to do both as a content producer and as an ICT technician so there is a lot of train to be done.

Do you enjoy your job?

  • For the most part it is really enjoyable as I have a really good work relationship with my boss and line manager and within my role I feel like I do well. I do believe this as me and my boss Mr Young work in a great format as I will try to put out the issues that occur day to day, the little jobs that pile up while my boss will do the more intensive stuff that could take days to get through, me taking the majority of the smaller jobs allows Mr Young to focus fully on the head scratcher situation such as the internet being down, phone lines within the school and so on.

What’s your most and least favourite part of your job?

  • the most favourite part of my job has to be completing jobs I never thought I could understand and just having the knowledge to go into a room and being able to fix the faults that happen and defiantly the worst is when the opposite happen, if I walk into a room and have no idea on how to fix it and having to ask my boss for either help or to take over the job itself

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