Empathy Week

The Leadership Team on Empathy Week

This week is empathy week, so we need to think about how we can understand those around us and be kinder. One example is being empathetic to those who have been affected by Covid-19 and wear our masks when necessary. We need unity and community more than ever during these times, and we need to think about how others may like us to help.

Leading up to empathy week, I have been watching the Six Nations with my family and for the Ireland VS France match we decided to treat ourselves with some camembert. It was lovely watching Rugby with my family and we all had a laugh!

Empathy Week is something I believe to be very important. I think being able to be empathetic will only lead to good things in people’s lives – it benefits both people in the situation. My way of being empathetic is to help my younger sister with her homework. As she is in Year 7, the amount of homework she gets is still new and can be overwhelming for some people. To take time out of your day to help someone who’s struggling with something that you are able to help them with is incredible and shows your true empath shine through. Empathy can come in so many different forms, sometimes you don’t even recognise you’re doing it! Everyone can do it and you are definitely no exception. Having empathy in our everyday lives will bring nothing but good things and a more understanding world.

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