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As today’s guest editor of the headteachers blog I hope you are all safe and well and would like to pass on my best wishes to you all.


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The above link will let you see a new play every week.  I’m sure you’ll all need an escape or something different and can’t recommend enough a bit of theatre.  If you don’t think it’s for you then you are very much mistaken.  Contrary to how it sometimes feels Shakespeare’s aim was to bring entertainment to the masses and I’d encourage you all to dip into the 16th Century version of Netflix for a change of pace.


I’ll try to avoid too many repetitions as to how we miss you in todays blog as I’m not always the most sentimental of people but we all still all do.  It’s been nice reading the daily communications and I hope you enjoy my thoughts.  (Mr Usher…)


Another week begins yet it seems the ability to tell the difference between a weekday and a weekend is diminishing day by day.  My fitbit*(other brands are available) is currently having an existential crisis and has booked itself in for repair as it can’t believe the decline of my footfall.  My phone is also confused by the number of freshly downloaded but as yet unopened fitness apps that have appeared cluttering up my home screen for little or no reason.  I expect to get up one morning and find that along with my computer they will be gathered in the living room sat waiting for me with a hot pot of coffee ready to stage an intervention regarding my sedentary lifestyle.


I regularly go online and see the tweets and facebook posts of a multitude of people updating us on their daily success of the latest ridiculous bike ride or run they have been on with a lovely map of their route.  I’m never really sure what I’m supposed to do with this information other than scroll past although I often think to myself that if the Roadrunner cartoon character had done this it would have been so much easier for Wile E Cayote to use  those traps to catch him…. Lets hope that none of these budding Mo Farrah types have a nemesis willing to set up a painted tunnel or boulder to catch them out on their next daily run.


Also across social media there appears to have been a massive increase in the amount of bakers across the country.  Britain is awash with scones, biscuits, cakes and for some reason banana bread? (but I can only assume that was because when you stockpile bananas there’s only so much you can do with them once you realise that they have a limited shelf life and your family have had all the potassium they can handle?) With baking becoming the new national sport the only logical conclusion is that it will be replacing the Premier League on a Saturday as our main distraction.  I can imagine teams of bakers sponsored by multinational petrochemical giants for billions of pounds taking to the tent every Saturday to compete over 90 gruelling minutes of baking to produce the most elaborate tiered cakes and biscuits.  John Motson and Clive Tildsley will commentate from the side-lines as we get slow motion replays of the whirling wrists of the players trying to get their meringue to peak adequately whilst Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood (both acquired by Sky Sports on wages that would make Manchester City wince) look on in judgement from a safe 2 meters.  Really the only decision going forward appears to be if Gary Lineker will retain his place on the newly titled ‘Batch of the Day’ on a Saturday evening?



I did however manage to venture out of the house on at least a few occasions to partake in my one allowable bout of exercise.  One of the strangest experiences of the last few weeks was going out for my walk one morning and coming to the exit of the local park.  Crossing over the street to keep to social distancing rules is still and always will be strange but as I got to the exit of the park there were two dog walkers both approaching, and we could all see we would get to the gate at the same time.  We all stopped 2 meters away from the entrance and alternated to walk through each giving a polite nod to each other.  As I passed the older man, we had a brief exchange as to how weird the situation was and were both then on our way.  This exchange was probably the most upsetting I’ve had through this whole situation as I found myself thinking that if this was any other time we might have had a brief conversation as the dogs either barked or sniffed around. It’s obvious that I miss my parents, my family and partner who I can’t see at the moment.  It’s obvious that I miss my friends.  It’s obvious that I miss going to restaurants and bars for a night out or to a cinema or escape room too.  What wasn’t obvious was how much I’d miss random strangers and how strange I’d find it having to avoid people I didn’t even know.  I think perhaps this is why this tiny interaction was possibly the starkest reminder that this is not normal and these are indeed strange times.


So I wanted to finish this short blog to think about the little things we miss but might not know we miss, and dedicate it to the nod and chat to a random stranger in the street that I always took for granted.


Stay safe everyone and be kind


Mr Usher

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