Dear CTK Community,

Everyday Heroes. This is what I have chosen to reflect upon in today’s blog. Everyday Heroes are mentioned each day on North West Tonight when members of the public send in their nominations for individuals who they feel are doing something special for the community in the current times. Award/certificate winners have come from all walks of life and are all contributing in their own special way to the communities in which they live.

Yes, these people deserve their awards. As do all those Key Workers and essential workers that we clap for so passionately each Thursday evening. Our thanks to them comes from the very depths of our hearts and words cannot express the enormity of this gratitude.

But, if I were going to send in a nomination today, it would be for YOU, for the whole of our CTK community. On a daily basis, I am just so proud that I am part of our school and our wider community, where we are working together to make sure that our young people are still educated, that their wellbeing is looked after and that our families are supported. And I am in awe of what our families are managing to achieve at home, that our young people are engaging with our new ways of working and that we are all finding ways to overcome any obstacles along the way.

We have all heard, and continue to hear, stories where people have made a huge difference in their communities. But, we can all make a difference, even if it is in the simplest way. A smile to encourage someone that you live with, an email of thanks to someone who has helped you, a phone/video call to brighten someone’s day, a chore completed at home without being asked. It is these little things – as well as the big things – that together will make our world a better place. That is why I chose the quote that I did for our recent school video:







-Howard Zinn –


There are so many wonderful quotes and reflections circulating on Social Media that it is sometimes difficult to keep up. At the weekend, I was sent two that had a very similar message about when this is finally all over and we look back, what will it be that you remember? Obviously, for many, this will have been a time of great sadness and these are the people that we will continue to remember in our thoughts and prayers. But others may remember this as a time of personal growth, a time where stepping away from the ‘normality’ of daily life allowed time to reflect, to learn new skills, to spend quality time with those that we love and to, in our own way, contribute positively to the lives of those around us.

We have tried, as a school, to promote as many opportunities as we can to support this. Our daily cultural challenges encourage us all to explore something new, our 🙏@🏠 Retreat at Home booklet provides resources for prayer and reflection, our weekly work schedules contain links to wellbeing and other activities and our social media platforms are regularly updated with things that we feel may be of interest. There are so many free online offers, from books to guitar lessons, from exercise classes to virtual safaris, from musicals to quizzes, that there must be something for everyone. When we are through this, back in school/work and looking back on this ‘unprecedented time’, will you be wishing that you had chosen to spend your time more wisely?

So, let us all continue to strive to be ‘Everyday Heroes’.  Let us all continue to do our best. Let us all continue to make the most of the many opportunities that we are given. Let us all continue to follow our ‘CTK Way’ in every possible way that we can. Let us all continue to transform our world for the better.

Take care, stay safe and be kind,

Ms Stead

Today’s Cultural Challenge: Read about the history of Warwick Castle:


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