It’s amazing to think how just one word can shape an idea, a belief, a way of life.

Studying philosophy in RE teaches us of theological arguments all about purpose through design. William Payley’s argument was that all things have been designed to fulfil their purpose, and as they have been designed, there must be a designer, he believes this designer is God.

Now bear with me! This blog is not going to be an RE essay, I was never any good at RE… but being away from family and friends, sometimes it can feel hard to understand your emotions or to see the end of this restriction. An emptiness or distance which creeps in between you and your messages to others, a seeming lack of purpose.

Life in lockdown seems a million miles away from life beforehand, but that doesn’t have to be a negative. There is so much positivity being shared on a daily basis and so many interesting activities you can do online for free to fill your time with. There is a great initiative called iDEA which you can complete, there are 2 stages; bronze and silver, both of which are interesting and teach you loads of great skills like social media safety, ethical hacking debates, how best to start a business as an entrepreneur, all in the form of interactive learning – great for all those in main school. For any fellow sixth formers, the Open University has a great list of free courses that you can do to fill your time and add to your CV.

Purpose can be found in many different ways, some people are born, driven to complete goals they have set their sights on from childhood. Others feel called to their purpose, devoting themselves to a vocation. For most however, purpose presents itself slowly and perhaps less obviously than first expected. Purpose could sprout from opportunity, action or advice. This leads me on to the best advice I ever received, from my old Physics teacher. Five words, that whilst at the time may have seemed insignificant, stuck with me in my mind. ‘Just do the right thing’.

Now it might seem silly and in a way it is, but those words, barely even a sentence, were enough to impact my life and how I make my decisions and will do for many more years. If you can think back to one piece of advice that you’ve received and think of how much it impacts you, without the giver knowing – then you can imagine the impact your words have on others.

More than ever words matter. A simple text to a friend or loved one, a video or phone call with a family member. It could even be one short sentence or a simple ‘I love you Mum’. Enough to show you’re there and you care. Your words are enough to make the difference. So, here is your purpose or at least your purpose for today, for right now. With whatever device you’re on, message someone, even just one person and ask them how they are, if they’re okay.

Remember, no matter what you do in life or what stage of life you’re at, you always have a choice. Your actions might seem insignificant to you, but they impact others in ways you don’t see. You won’t always make the best choices, that’s what makes us human. Whilst your options may not always seem black and white, you do always have a choice and you should always try to ‘just do the right thing’.

Stay safe,

Look after one another.


Today’s cultural challenge is to read about the Globe Theatre in London and explore its virtual tour:



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