Dear all,

Where do I start?  Perhaps by pointing out that never before in our history have we heard the word ‘unprecedented’ used so often.  The frequency with which this word is being used really is unprecedented.

One thing that’s for sure is that this is a time like no other to press the ‘pause’ button on the daily routines of normal life.  Hopefully, it is an opportunity for new skills and interests to flourish.  I wonder if many of you will look back at this time in years to come, and see it as a hugely important and significant period in your life.  The time when you first learned to play the guitar, or the time when you first got into DJ-ing, or producing music? The time you became interested in computer programming, learned to shoot with your left foot, or learned a new language?  Maybe you’ll look back at this period as the time when you became interested in a career as a joiner, a vaccine developer, a politician, charity worker or nurse?  However you are using your time, try to use it wisely as before we know it, the ‘play’ button will be pressed and we will be back to our normal daily routines.

So have I been using my time wisely?!!  My daughters’ school projects have kept me busy.  As well as a building a football goal, I have built a ‘Bug Boutique’ and a ‘Hedgehog House’!  I’ve also been trying to learn to play the keyboard but have only managed ‘Happy Birthday’ and the ‘Peppa Pig theme tune’ so far.  I’m trying to learn Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D Major’, but it’s a bit of a leap from Peppa Pig!  With gyms closed it has been a challenge to keep fit.  I have been using my daughters as human dumbbells (I’m actually being serious).  I have also started jogging.  Although I’ve been interested in keeping fit for as long as I can remember, I have never really been one for jogging.  I have been doing a 5k run a couple of times a week but have found it really tough.  Mainly because, as a man with rapidly receding/thinning hair, and this hair 5 times longer than normal (due to closed Barbers), when I am running I feel like Donald Trump giving an outdoor press conference on a blustery day!  I’ll try to soldier on.

Another thing taking up my time, which you will be familiar with is TikTok.  One of my friends on our WhatsApp group posted last week that ‘Any man over the age of 30 that does TikToks should be ashamed of themselves’.  Most of my friends began to reply in agreement, as I sheepishly began to delete my saved videos!  My excuse is having a 5 and 8 year-old daughter!

Finally, one theme that is discussed in assemblies from time to time is how lucky we are for the education system that we have in this country; The fact that we are so fortunate to be able to get up each morning and come to school to receive an education.  It is a message that doesn’t always resonate with pupils (or staff!) at 8:40am, sat in the hall, on a gloomy January morning.  Hopefully though, one thing that this break from school has provided us with is a reminder of just what a fantastic place school is.  What a fantastic place our school is.  I love working at Christ the King.  I miss the staff, and I miss the pupils even more.  1000 of you (!), radiating energy each day, all with your own unique personalities, all with your own set of strengths and weaknesses.  School is a place to laugh, to learn, to discover, to flourish, to make life-long friends and life-long happy memories.  I very much look forward to our return, and seeing you all again soon.

Take care.

Mr Mitchell


Today’s Cultural Challenge

Listen to Mozart’s Queen of the Night aria from his opera The Magic Flute:

Opera was a huge part of the Classical period and Mozart is arguably the most famous composer of his time.


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