Dear CTK Community,

I hope you are staying safe and keeping in touch with each other.

Hopefully one week into staying at home you will now have established some form of routine with your family and had a successful week of learning. Your teachers are all updating your lessons for this week on Google Classroom and checking on your progress from last week. Over the coming week we will be monitoring the Google Classroom and making contact with parents and carers to provide support if it has not yet been accessed. Remember we are here to help, just ask.


An excellent way of spending time at home is to get active, there are lots of personal trainers who are posting their workouts online for all of the family to join in. This will help to keep your mind-set positive. We would love to hear about any activities you are doing as a family especially the P.E. staff who are missing helping you to keep active in your weekly lessons.

Cooking nutritious meals at home has never been more important and Jamie Oliver’s has been praised for his new Channel 4 show ‘Keep cooking and carry on’ where he is helping the nation with easy recipes, cooking tips and ingenious hacks. Cooking is a life skill and great for family bonding, the Technology Department are excited to see what you are making at home, we could have the next superstar chef in the CTK community. Please send us your photographs, now is the time to be creative – send them by email to Miss O Hanlon!

As a school community we are receiving a lot of information from the emotional health and wellbeing nurse to support parents/carers in discussing the current situation with your children. All of this information will be uploaded to the school website, below are links to review if your child is worried or anxious, remember it is good to talk to them calmly but honestly about what is happening, you know your own children best:

I will end on a quote found by Mrs Charlton that she sent on to me asking to share it. I believe it is very fitting and made me smile:

“And as for fun – I know this summer, this year is going to be sad and lonely for you. Everyone wants their children to enjoy their teenage years – we didn’t want you isolated and uneducated and feeling like the world is at war with something it cannot even see. But imagine what it will be like when it is all over. Imagine how amazing it will be when they finally give the all-clear, and people can go out again. The world will explode with joy – there will be street parties and raves, and hugging will come back, and you’ll be dancing to all the new songs that people, even now, are composing in their rooms, which will be the most outrageously life-affirming, catchy songs ever written. It will be the best time ever – like the Roaring Twenties, the Summer of Love, acid house and Britpop combined. Everything has its equal and opposite reaction – and however sad and worried you feel this summer, next summer will be the most exciting and carefree of your life.”

This gives us all hope and I know we all look forward to a time when our community can come back together.

Stay safe and be kind.

Yours sincerely


Mrs Erin Wheeler

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