Dear CTK community,

Given it is the second week of the national lockdown, I am sure many of you will begin to wonder many things! What day is it? When did British Summer time begin? Is it really the start of our Easter holidays on Friday?

These are the things we normally looking forward to. Yet in these unprecedented and uncertain times, they are barely being referred to. It is sad when you reflect on this, but it is crucial to seize the moment and make the most of this time we have been afforded. Therefore, what is important is to cherish the family time you currently have. Try to reduce your time on apps, social media, computer games and spending your time in your bedrooms, and instead, use this time to be with the people who love you. If there was ever a time to take this on, it is now in this liturgical period of Lent.

Something to look forward to is the letter we will all be receiving from our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, this week. Again, this is unprecedented – the leader of our country writing to us! His message is simple and one we fully endorse; stay at home, be safe and protect our NHS.

In terms of schoolwork, we are proud of your efforts going in to completing work set on Google Classroom. As a school we are currently working on a timetable that you can follow at home which will be in place ready for you after our Easter Holidays.

For our Year 11 pupils who are venturing into Sixth Form with us in September, we are currently adding a new Google Classroom ‘Your Futures KS4-KS5’ which contains all the subjects you have opted to study in September 2020. These will contain introductory tasks, websites, reading material and information for you research so you are ready for when you start your A-Level/BTEC future with us. Year 11 will need to check their emails for an invitation link.  I urge you all to have a look as this will be an important stepping stone onto Level 3 courses.

Likewise, remember we are still setting challenges which are advertised on our social media platform (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). Winners are posted on the platform and we had over 1000 visitors last week alone! Well done and thank you to all!

If you are getting a little restless at home (and have done enough exercise), why not try going through some old movies for you to enjoy as a family. I recently watched a new film for rental and thought I would share my thoughts and how relevant this is in our current situation in the world.

The film was ‘Military Wives’ (loosely based on the lives of the Military Wives Choir) and covers the lives of women who dedicate their lives to their family and husbands/partners who work as part of the Armed Forces. The film really made me think about the difficulties these families faced; being separated, completely disconnected from extended families, lives torn apart through death. Somehow these people made it through the most immense and challenging time in their lives. I wondered how they managed to do this. I then reflected on the current situation in our global world.

For me, it is the absolute nature of the human spirit. We naturally help each other, care for others and show love in the most dignified way; especially when we have to. As movie legend Katharine Hepburn once said, ‘Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give – which is everything’.

And this is our message today and one for all the family. Yes, education is important. Learning is crucial. However, the development of the whole person; academically, morally and spiritually is essential and one we promote as a school community. Please use the time you have – to grow as individuals, to love and serve others, and pray for our Global population, especially families who have loved and lost.

As a community we are constantly proud of each of you, so remember our message; ‘Be safe, be kind’.


Mrs E Wheeler

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