Dear all,
Today marked the first day of our new virtual school community – something I’m sure we will remember for a long time!
Thank you to all of our families who helped and supported our students with getting online to google classroom and other learning platforms. If you still have not accepted the classroom invites that are in your emails then please do so to allow you to access what you need. There has been a few issues today with Hegarty maths due to online traffic but please be patient with this.
Make sure that you have organised the best place for you to work in the house – a desk or table is best. You must be able to concentrate but factor in regular breaks throughout the day to eat, rest and get fresh air. Make sure that you have everything that you need in one place. A reminder that all of this is on the ‘Covid-19’ section of our website, including codes and instructions for logging on.
You will be receiving a great deal of communication from our staff over the course of the next few weeks – you will be set challenges, sent quizzes for break times and staff will also be providing regular feedback about your work.
Choose a book that you want to read for enjoyment – this will keep you up to date with reading but you will also find it enjoyable!
Make time for exercise and fresh air too – Joe Wicks national PE lesson is on every day at 9am on YouTube. My son and I will definitely be participating in with this too!
Catching up with your with friends on FaceTime is a treat and very important for ensuring that you keep talking!
Remember we are all here for you so keep in touch, look out for our regular updates on the website, social media and by email.
Stay positive, work hard but most importantly – stay safe
Best wishes to you all,
Mrs Wheeler
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