We hope you find all the resources you need to help make your GCSE and Subject decisions.

Our courses at Key Stage 4 recognise that there are many different routes through the education system and we aim to provide as wide a range as possible. To make it easier, students will be guided into a variety of different pathways.

Within each pathway there is a range of choices which can be combined to give a balanced and high quality course for Key Stage 4. The combinations which can be chosen all have excellent opportunities for continuing education or training beyond the age of 16. All pathways offer a variety of Vocational and Traditional courses.

Students will be guided to choose course combinations that are suited to their ability level and their future careers plans. Their progress in subjects throughout Key Stage 3 will be taken into account when giving guidance. We aim to provide courses that match students’ preferences and we have a good record in achieving a very close match between students’ preferences and the courses they are allocated.


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