Key Stage 3 Homework & Independent Learning

Types of Homework  – some examples
  • Practice exercises – providing students with the opportunities to apply new knowledge, or review, revise and reinforce newly acquired skills

  • Practising/rehearsing for mastery e.g. spellings, musical practice, learning formulae and keywords
  • Revising information about a current topic
  • Practising words of phrases learned in a language other than English
  • Reading for pleasure
  • Essay writing/drafts and revisions
  • Flipped learning /preparatory homework – providing opportunities for students to gain background information on a unit of study so that they are better prepared for future lessons
  • Background reading/research
  • Other examples of reading e.g. English text for class work/discussion
  • Extension assignments – encouraging students to pursue knowledge individually and imaginatively e.g. writing a book review
  • Making or designing something e.g. an art work
  • Investigations e.g. science, human geography or researching e.g. history, local news

Christ the King will have regard for equity issues when setting homework. Students who do not have access to technology at home will not be disadvantaged. Support will be provided through the homework club arrangements in the LRC.

Frequency and Duration of Homework / Independent Study


Typically students should complete at least one hour of independent study/homework each week night, more at the weekend.

SubjectYear 7Year 8Year 9
EnglishFortnightly set week AFortnightly set week AFortnightly set week A
MathematicsWeekly onlineWeekly onlineWeekly online
Religious EducationFortnightly set week BFortnightly set week AFortnightly set week B
GeographyFortnightly set week BFortnightly set week AFortnightly set week B
Modern Foreign LanguagesFortnightly set week AFortnightly set week AFortnightly set week A
TechnologyBy ModuleBy moduleBy module
MusicOnce per half termOnce per half termOnce per half term
ArtHalf term projectHalf term projectHalf term project

In addition to homework set by their subject teachers, students will be expected to work independently and in a self-directed manner on other tasks to consolidate and extend their learning. All pupils will be provided with a Personal Journal which will be used to record work set, to encourage the development of organisational skills and to enhance home school communication e.g. progress. To support students with independent study, they will be able to access appropriate resources from the school website. Independent learning and homework will be monitored by form tutors and by subject teachers.

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