Pastoral and Academic Mentoring and Coaching

Personal tutor
Students will be allocated a personal tutor and this will be their first port of call for any issues or pastoral support. Their personal tutor will meet with them on a 2-3 week basis for a 20 minute mentoring session to check in on all aspects of the student’s well-being and personal / academic progress. The personal tutor will also support the student in writing their UCAS / CV personal statements, attendance, punctuality and all other needs of the Sixth Form student.

Academic coach
You will be referred to an academic coach if we feel you may need some support with career options, attendance and academic progress. The meetings will run for 40 minutes and will focus on coaching you in overcoming barriers to achieving your vision. The programme should run for 6- 8 weeks however it is available on a long term basis for some students. The coaching programme will be bespoke to each individual student.

A-PASS tutor
Your Academic and Personal Achievement tutor will complete sessions with you weekly to support you in your academic and personal progress. They will review your goals with you and look at any barriers and how to overcome them. Your A-Pass tutor will involve activities that will develop your critical thinking skills, debating skills, confidence and more. Our personal development programme is constantly adapting and changing to the needs our students.

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