Week Two

This week’s theme is about being proud of our work, and one thing I have done to make myself feel proud in particular is how much I’ve advanced my skills within the kitchen; learning about new dishes from across the world and understanding the importance of embracing the diverse range of food we have before us. Taking pride in the work you do has many benefits, pride in your work offers you: a sense of accomplishment, appreciation and also a developed understanding of how hard work can benefit not just yourself, but those around us.

Even the smallest of tasks can make you feel proud, what you do doesn’t need to have an immediate impact, but it can create a ripple effect, such as: picking up litter, doing household chores, or even trying out a new skill which you never thought you could ever enjoy. All these subtle yet impactful decisions will make an impact, and since we’re all yet again locked up back in our homes, why not give it a try?

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