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Director of REMr V Welsh
Exam BoardEDEXCEL GCSE Religious Studies A
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GCSE Religious Studies


Exam board: Edexcel

Edexcel GCSE Full Course

About the Course

There are three areas of religion to be studied over the course of Year 10 and 11.

Paper 1—Study of Religion—Catholic Christianity

  • Beliefs and teachings.
  • Practices.
  • Sources of Wisdom and Authority.
  • Forms of expression and ways of life.

Paper 2—Study of second religion—Judaism


  • Beliefs and teachings.
  • Practices.

Paper 3—Philosophy and Ethics (Catholic Christianity)


  • Existence of God.
  • Marriage and the family.




Pupils will be entered for the GCSE examination, which will be a single tier entry.  All pupils will sit the same exam and be graded 1—9.

The qualification is 100% examination.

Paper 1—Study of Religion—Catholic Christianity.

Exam—1 hour 45 mins  = 118 marks.

Paper 2—Study of second Religion—Judaism.

Exam— 50 mins  = 59 marks.

Paper 3—Philosophy and Ethics.

Exam—50 mins  = 59 marks.

Progression routes for GCSE Religious Studies

  • A Level courses in Philosophy and Ethics, Religious Studies.
  • Level 2/3 courses in General RE.
  • Careers in Law, Medicine, Civil Service, Education, Healthcare professional, Politics, Management, Teaching, Counselling.
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