Crosby – yesterday at 7.45am – between South Rd and St John’s Rd a Y10 student was approached by a man in his early 20’s, approx 5ft 6″, with dark hair and a moustache. He was wearing a dark grey zipped hoody and dark cap. He told the child he was from Nepal and followed her to school trying to engage in conversation. The child contacted her parent and school and police were informed. Log 267.
Southport – yesterday at 2.45pm – A parent reported a man near Hesketh Pub/Botanic Gardens about 30 yrs wearing a green unzipped fleece, chest on view, shaved head and bushy beard. He said to her, “Hiya, people call me a paedophile and a nonce because I hang around with young people, have you ever seen Ross Kemp with guns and knives?” ¬†Police were alerted and attended the area last night.
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