The following Safeguarding Alert has just been sent to All Parents/Carers.

To All Parents/Carers

Safeguarding Alert received from Chesterfield High School.

Last night 22/11/21 at 9pm a girl reported a man acting strangely who was watching her by the bungalow chip shop, Marian Square, Netherton.

The man walked past her and turned around and walked back towards her then got into a car. He drove past her towards the fire station and as she walked over the hill he was waiting in his car at the bottom of the hill. As she approached the car he put the window down, asked if she was ok, for her name and age and also for her phone number. She refused to give details and continued towards the fire station calling her parents. The man drove away.

The man was white with dark hair in his late 20’s driving a white, possibly Citroen, car.

Police have been informed.

Thank You


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