Savio House

“I am not capable of doing big things, but I want to do everything, even the smallest things,  for the greater glory of God.”

Mr Wrathall – Head of Savio House

It is with great pride that I have taken on the role of Head of Savio House and I am really looking forward to seeing how our house participates and performs in the many activities and competitions on offer.

‘Compassion’ and ‘Honesty’ are the values that I want us to really take on board this year. Have the confidence to try competitions and activities, Compassion for those who may falter and the honesty to do your very best,

I have fond memories of being a house member when I was at school and I can remember the rivalry and how the competition caused a Buzz around the school. I look back at those times with a great sense of belonging, achievement and pride. I would love the members of Savio house to have those same feelings

Our house saint, Saint Dominic Savio, was committed to ensuring that when every child left school they had skills to ensure they could survive and prosper in life. That every child understood honesty and compassion and stood up to those values in difficult situations. I want every pupil in my house to be given and to take the opportunity to better themselves by playing an active role in representing Savio House.

Katazyna Kupcalojt – Assistant Head of Savio House

I am delighted to have been appointed as Assistant Head of Savio House and to have the opportunity to bring out and enhance the values of ‘Compassion’ and ‘Honesty’ within the large cohort of students in Savio.

Competitions in all corners of skills, hobbies and just fun activities are a great way to see these values in action, not just in honesty of victories or compassion in teamwork but also honesty in the sense of giving it your best and being able to criticise you and your peers actions when they are dishonest or when they don’t act with compassion. I hope to aid our house in these values within competitive situations but also to develop these skills for their lives outside of school and in the wider community to create honest, compassionate and well-rounded members of society.

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