Dear CTK Community,
With Shrove Tuesday coming up, it’s only right that we begin to perfect our pancake recipes!
As we all know, Shrove Tuesday marks the day before Ash Wednesday (the first day of
Lent) but some people may not know that we associate it with pancakes as they are a way to
use up rich foods such as eggs, milk and sugar before we begin our fasting during Lent.
On this day, many Christians go to confess their sins in preparation for the next 40 days and
hope to receive the strength from God to stay strong during their sacrifices and be able to
keep up with what they’ve promised. People also burn the previous year’s Holy Week palms
to finalize the Lenten Sacrifice. In other countries it can be referred to as ‘Fat Tuesday’
which, if you think about it, probably relates to us more than we want it to.
It is an important day for us all, but really it can remind us of how strong we are – to give up
something we love for so long, and highlights our resilience when it comes to these things.
Sacrificing something can be very hard but at the end of the day everyone’s going through
the same hardships and we can all support each other. Even if you’re not giving up anything,
the amount you’ve done for yourself and others over the past year is something that nobody
can be thanked enough for. Support is always here and you will not be shut down.
Anyway, who wants to make pancakes?
As I mentioned before, pancakes were a way of using up rich ingredients in preparation for
Lent – nowadays, it’s just a bit of fun (seeing as people are giving up things other than food
now). In my family, we usually have savoury pancakes for dinner and then sweet pancakes
for dessert. We have a mix of both American and English pancakes – some will argue that
English ones are just crêpes (personally, I disagree). The traditional filling for our pancakes
is sugar and lemon but I also love strawberries and cream.
Today I’m going to make American pancakes which means I’m going to be topping them
with things like syrup and bacon – some of my favourites! There are so many good recipes
on the internet but today I’m going to be using one from Nigella Lawson. Because I have
quite a few people in my house, I’m going to be doubling the recipe but you can do whatever
you want!
Here’s the recipe and some pictures of the ones my sister ate!
I hope you all have an incredible time and have fun over the next few weeks. Remember,
you’re doing a great job and your motivation has been amazing.
Thanks for reading,

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