Dear CTK Community.


Hello people! This is my first blog, so I’ll admit that I am not really sure of what a blog is supposed to contain. Then again, this is also the first time all of us have been in a global pandemic and the country in lockdown, so I guess that we are all learning together.


All of us are staying at home so I will start by telling you what I have been doing, perhaps that will help you, student or otherwise, to organise your time and/or find something new and exciting to do now that we spend more time at home.


After school was closed because of the virus I felt that it was very important to keep myself occupied. That way I would not have to really think about what is going to happen to my exams, which I would be sitting this year had it not been for COVID-19, and also to fight the boredom and dullness that doing the same things consistently and repeatedly can cause. So, armed with my motivation and my will to not get bored I set out to see what else I could do that I didn’t do already with my free time. The first two weeks went relatively well, all things considered. My routine was to get up at a reasonable time;I usually wake up at 7:00am depending on how many times I feel like pressing the snooze button, so I figured that I should get up an hour later but that didn’t work out – I was still really sleepy. I am more like a night owl than an early bird, so I got up at 9:00am for the rest of the week, got ready and at 10:00/10:30amI would be logging in to my computer to start work. I set timers for each hour and each hour I changed subject. I followed the normal school timetable but with a difference at break time I would have lunch and I would have 5 minutes of break in between each subject. I finished at 4:00/4:30pm and then did what I usually do after school: watch TV, practice the ukulele, read and play Minecraft. On the days where I would have P.E.I went out running. I repeated this routine until we broke up for Easter.


It was during this time that wefound out that exams were cancelled so I had a lot more free time as I was planning to be revising during the break. Ialso received a letter saying that I didn’t need to do any more work at home as this would not contribute to the overall grade I get so even MORE free time. This new free time has given me the chance to start the Sixth Form Transition work, especially the Maths worksheets. I’ve also been looking at the daily Cultural Challenge which you can find on Twitter and on the website.


At the start of the Easter break I did what any normal teenager would do:I slept till 12:00pm and then just lounged around, wandering endlessly at home. I decided that enough was enough and that I had to do something or I would go mad counting how many times I had entered and left the kitchen looking for snacks that weren’t there, and so I started my epic quest to battle boredom.


First my mum managed to get an allotment lot that nobody else wanted. Soon the reason why it was left empty became apparent: the overgrown nettles and crumbling shed where just the first thing that I noticed. The floor was totally covered by nettles and other weeds and the shattered glass seemed to cover the patches of soil that the nettles had failed to claim as their own. The allotment had been abandoned for 2 years and the previous owners had not really cared for it, so the greenhouse frame was moved to another allotment whilst the glass was shattered and left for the next owner to pick up.


The first day was mostly spent uprooting the overgrown and wild nettles that seemed to be glaring at us as we slowly worked our way through the first section. After this we planted potatoes which are supposed to be strong plants and help clean the soil of any remaining roots of the nettles. During the next few days we continued going and planting. I felt that this was important to mention as gardening is a really good way to pass time.


Anyone can do it you don’t have to have green fingers to be a good gardener, and also you can do it even to a small scale: in your own garden or even just using pots. To be fair it should count as exercise as we battled the nettles -I felt like I had been to the gym!


In my free time I decided to learn things that I would not have normally tried. Just yesterday I tried decorating a cake that my mum baked (spoiler: I am not good at art). My latest hobby has been… (drum roll please) … magic! I like playing cards with friends and so I wondered “why don’t I learn cardistry?”  For those wondering what cardistry is here is an extract from the students’ favourite homework helper (Wikipedia) ‘Cardistry is the performance art of card flourishing’. Unlike card magic, cardistry is meant to be visually impressive and appear very hard to execute.’  I learnt to ripple shuffle, break and switch the deck with one hand as well as spreading the deck. It all looks very impressive. One trick led to another and so Ihave ended up learning card magic which can be surprisingly easy, simple and satisfying. With this new skill in my inventory I set out to do magic on my family and then this led to me contacting a cousin who is my age and my friend, who I haven’t spoken to in a while. It was really fun and refreshing to hear the voice of someone who is not my parents (or myself).


This also led to me contacting friends who I haven’t spoken to since school went into lockdown. I feel that this really helped me assometimes we can grow tired of being with one person the whole day. Point is, if I can learn magic why can’t you learn something completely new and exciting? If I can write this blog, why can’t you try something new? Try contacting a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while, it might really help them.


Thank you for reading!


Stay safe, be kind.



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