Dear CTK Community.


Given how strange the world situation is at the moment, everyone, including young children, essential workers and elderly men and women are feeling stressed.


From a student’s point of view, it has been hard for both me and my friends (that I’ve spoken to) to adapt to this new-found independence when it comes to working from home. Most of my generation are visual learners, we like pictures and videos, meaning we also find it easier if a teacher is there with us, explaining how to approach each topic. We find it more challenging to read off a PowerPoint and make notes on it – nevertheless, that’s what we’re expected to do at this current time. Now is the time to develop our independence and figure out how to approach learning in the best way for us, contact your teachers and ask them how you can enhance your learning of their subject if you’re struggling.


When you aren’t working, maybe spend the extra time to read up on world current issues – educate yourself on the problems of climate change, the current pandemic, some third world countries not receiving the help they need and deserve and the misrepresentation of the LGBTQ+ community and people with mental health problems.


It has been told that 1 in 12 of 5-19-year olds have reported an emotional disorder (not including not yet diagnosed cases). Knowing this should make people realise that you never know what people are going through, so be kind to everyone. Some of these cases are expected to worsen over the lockdown period as many people I know of use their friends as support and it helps them to not focus on their mental problems. Although it is apparent that so many young people (and older) need support, only 1 in 4 have said to receive the proper services in 2017.


If you are experiencing emotional or mental health difficulties then please speak to someone.  If you struggle to talk to friends or family then school staff are all on hand to help or you can access lots of online support.


Alder Hey Crisis Care Team (24/7)                    0151 293 3577 // 0808 1963550



Alder Hey CAMHS                                             0151 282 4527



Kooth (online counselling)                       


Venus Star Centre                                               0151 474 4744


Generally, people who are part of a minority (gender, race, sexuality, religion, ethnicity etc.) will feel less accepted by society as people tend to be prejudice and discriminatory towards others that could be considered ‘different’. We are all in this together and there is support all around you – just know that there are people who love you.


Everyone reading this needs to understand that the best thing we can do at the moment is support each other. If you know someone who is struggling in ANY way at the moment, try to check up on them regularly – it could really make a difference to their day. Being supportive could change people’s attitudes in ways you could not imagine.


A big thank you needs to go out to the NHS and essential workers around this time as, without you, the current situation would be much more dire than it already is (remember to clap for the NHS at 8pm on Thursdays!).


To all the students working so hard right now, just know that this will all pay off and any work you do now will definitely benefit you and your grades for the future. If you aren’t working, don’t stress – if you don’t feel like you can keep up with the amount of work being set, you don’t have to. If you want, you can talk to your teachers about rescheduling work or just asking them for help.


Staying inside at the moment is so important, if your only problem right now is being bored: consider yourself lucky. Some families are going through the unimaginable, losing loved ones of all ages to the coronavirus because of selfish people going out as normal. Taking the right safety precautions is the best thing many of us can do at the moment – if you want, you can also donate money to important charities or do something simple like do the weekly shop for a neighbour if they’re unable to do so themselves.


There is always a silver lining. As Mr Welsh said in his blog, pollution is clearing and wildlife is returning but that’s not all. I feel that with all this new independence, it will benefit us in the way that older students will feel more prepared for college and university and younger pupils will end up feeling less stress when it comes to things such as revision in the coming years – it may also feel easier for them to ask their teachers for help when they need it. That being said, these are just hopes.


Nobody is really sure about what the next few months will bring us, but what we do know is that the world has probably been brought together like it never has been before so things will most likely never go back to the way they were, but maybe that’s a good thing.


Just remember to not compare yourself to others and to also not judge other for things that make them unique – when there’s nothing else to do, love each other.


Stay safe, be kind.




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