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Our Turn!


We hope you’ve had a refreshing and interesting Easter break and like us, are trying once more to get back into the routine of working from home. We are Ben and Hannah, two A-Level students who’ve been lucky enough to lead the Sixth Form over the past year as Head Boy and Head Girl.  We want to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about what this time has been like from our perspective and what we’ve been up to, as well as to perhaps give you a slight bit of reassurance that you aren’t alone – we are all going through this time of uncertainty together!


All in all, it’s a strange time to say the least.  We’ve been busy keeping on top of our work, eager to finalise our university choices but most of all, keeping in touch with our friends.  We think it’s important to remember that no matter what you’re feeling; that you’re not alone!  Just because you might not be able to share what you’re thinking to someone physically present, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share it.  Use technology to your advantage, make group chats or group calls and talk about your day. Perhaps try an online quiz night together.  Don’t forget family members either.  Maybe use technology to talk to grandparents or extended family, ask if there’s anything you can do for them if they can’t leave the house and remind them we are in this together and if we all stay inside the sooner we can see them in person!!  You can use your down-time to your advantage, reconnect with a friend who you may have drifted apart from or don’t talk to as much as you’d like.


YouTube is a great tool and as tempting as it is to watch 10 hour TikTok compilations, if you can put aside even 10-20 minutes a day, there is so much interesting information and tons of different skills you can learn for free.  There are extensive lists available suggesting different skills you could begin to learn; maybe you’ve always fancied learning the Rubik’s Cube, learning how to play chess or feel you could spend some time learning to code, which is fast becoming an important skill in today’s society, then give it a go.  If you’ve ever thought, “oh I wish I could do that”, this is the perfect opportunity to start on it.  Maybe try the 24 skills in 24 hours challenge. One thing which I’ve been enjoying is learning sign language, whilst my house isn’t always quiet especially with my dog seemingly wanting to make friends with every delivery driver that drives past, I figured that even if I can manage just a few minutes a day, it’s a skill that will stick with me for life.


Surprisingly, my brother and I have been getting along well (mostly) (Emphasis on the mostly from me too…) and I hope that’s something that you and your siblings can relate to as well.  We go out for daily cycles together and as well as using the time to stay fit and healthy, it’s given us the opportunity to reconnect, we try different routes and talk about whatever comes to mind.  This could also be the perfect opportunity to begin a routine of daily exercise if you haven’t already.  Get involved with the RUN FOR HEROES Run 5, Donate 5, Tag 5 movement if that’s something you’re interested in.  Improving your fitness level and raising money for the NHS in the process.  Maybe there is something else you would like to do to raise money for charity. It doesn’t have to be running 5k and whilst we can’t all shave off a beard like the amazing Mr Usher, or Mr Goodenough, who not only makes the now famous emoji quizzes, but has now donated over 800 face masks to key workers with Mr Hargreaves!  We could all do something, whether individually or as a year group/school.  In our friendship group we took part in a small national quiz, raising money for the charity, Refuge and were pleasantly surprised that we didn’t finish too poorly (I was pretty happy with 10th to be honest).


If you have any ideas for activities to directly raise money or a challenge to complete if we hit a target, please share them and we might be able to start something.  A massive thank you to all those who have got involved so far! It’s great to see the presence of our school community making a positive impact in our local area and without you, our staff and parents, none of this would have been possible.


We would like to extend our deepest gratitude on behalf of the school to all the parents and particularly the essential workers.  Also, to the wider community, for everything you are doing at home.  To our peers, we hope that you can join us in showing your appreciation for those who look after you, maybe go out of your way to help out more or make them a thank-you cup of tea (they deserve it!) – and don’t forget to clap at 8pm on Thursdays to show our essential workers we are thinking of them!


Admittedly, it’s hard to be positive all the time, and sometimes it becomes hard to see the end of this situation, but finding a goal to help you stay motivated can make all the difference.  Personally, I find setting weekly markers works best, but you might prefer to set yourself daily or even hourly targets to achieve to help you stay on track.  It’s important to remember that nothing is too late to start and you’ll feel an amazing sense of accomplishment from checking off your goals and seeing how much progress you’ve been able to make. You can always make improvements to your routine and staying motivated, whilst it may seem hard, allows you to do much more than you’d imagine!


However you’re handling lockdown, just know that we’re proud of you, to be able to say you’re a part of our community here at Christ the King. We’ve seen amazing efforts to support our community from staff and students and we want to say a huge THANK YOU!  For all the fundraising and positivity you’ve managed to keep up throughout this testing time: you really are a credit to us all.  We hope you all stay happy, healthy and remember to keep talking to each other.


Stay Safe, Be Kind.


All the best.


Ben and Hannah 🙂




“We are setting all our staff, parents and pupils a cultural challenge each day, it would be great if everyone joined in!”


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