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World Autism Awareness Week

Hello Supporter,

While we are entering World Autism Awareness Week in different times to that which we’d expected, thanks to so many people’s resilience there is much to be joyous about. So many of you are sharing our autism awareness learning resources to help support pupils from home and raise awareness this week, our 7k for 700k and Spectrum Night Walks participants are adapting their challenges and raising vitally important funds to support our work, and employers are sharing workplace resources to help increase understanding of autism among staff.

We need your help now more than ever to continue to provide support to autistic people and their families, who fear change and feel isolated more than most under normal circumstances. If in a position where you can raise a pound or two, then your support is invaluable during these challenging times. You can further support by sharing this video of our friends talking about what autistic people and their families want the public to understand.

Don’t forget to tune into a very special episode of Daisy and Ollie, starring Daisy’s cousin Theo, who is autistic, plus guest cameos from Christine and Paddy McGuinness. Watch it on Milkshake! on Channel 5 at 7:10am on Thursday 2 April, or on my5 catchup any time.

We know this is a tough period of uncertainty for everyone, not least those who already find uncertainty and change particularly difficult. We’ve put together lots of guidance, advice and resources to help you or an autistic person you know during this time.

Any money raised during the week can be sent via our World Autism Awareness Week donation page.

With gratitude for your continued support,


Senior Fundraising Campaigns Officer    

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