January 23, 2022
Year 6/7 Student Progress Leader

Miss Summers explains how the transition programme for our Year 6 pupils will be structured.  A number of videos will be emailed out to parents each week to provide our new pupils with key information to help ease the natural feelings of anxiety and worry when moving up to secondary school.  Our aim is to make the transition to CTK as smooth as possible.

Hello to all of our prospective pupils, parents and families.

Thank you for choosing Christ the King Catholic High School for your child. We are confident that they will enjoy their seven years with us up until the end of Sixth Form both in the classroom and beyond. As well as achieving success in their lessons, we also hope they will join as many clubs as possible on offer and will get involved in all the opportunities outside the classroom at our wonderful, caring school.

Here at Christ the King we appreciate just how hard it is to get the right balance during the transition period of moving up from Year 6 to Year 7, when your child has been the oldest at primary and is now the youngest at secondary school. It will be a whirlwind and may get a bit
overwhelming at times to take in all the new changes, but we will support and guide your child at every step and we look forward to witnessing them grow in confidence every day. We would encourage you to talk to your child about their experiences in their first month or so at CTK and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to make contact with your child’s form tutor or any of the key staff at school to ask for advice. However, please rest assured that we will contact you if we need to.

Our Year 7 pastoral team is very experienced in the various concerns and worries that are common to all new Year 7s so your child will be in very capable hands. We hope this will alleviate any worries you will have too. Every child will cope with this big change differently and all the staff at CTK will be mindful of this during the first term as your child settles in and we will all make a special effort to make the transition for them as smooth and comfortable as possible. We have lots planned to induct them into our school, all intended to help build up their confidence with a range of activities we feel they’ll really enjoy and get a lot out of in the first few months to settle into their new school.

By Christmas we hope they will feel that CTK is now ‘their’ school and they will be fully immersed into life as a CTK pupil enjoying their lessons, familiar with our policies and ways of working around school and, hopefully, they will have joined some of our extra-curricular clubs with their new and old friends . That is our goal as the Year 7 team.

Please look out for letters in the post and emails in the coming weeks and months as Mrs Wheeler and I will be providing information that will help you and your child as you prepare over the summer term and summer holidays for their move up to Christ the King.

I look forward to meeting all Year 7 pupils over the coming months so that I am a familiar and recognisable face when the pupils (and their families) are welcomed to become part of our CTK community in September.

Best regards,

Miss Summers
Year 6 Transition/Year 7 Student Progress Leader

Parental Feedback 

We are really impressed with the way you and your team have handled the whole transition/settling in period.  Nothing has been too much trouble and the constant information and communication through the summer was reassuring in such uncertain times.

Thanks again – we are one million percent sure we chose the right school – and our son’s growing confidence and independence is proof of that.
(Mrs Taylor)

I just wanted to, once again, say a massive ‘thank you’ to you and your team for the best transition possible. Ava has loved her first two days and was even telling her brother how much better it was than primary – and she was a massive primary fan! Your staff have been amazing and a special thank you to Ms Summers. Whenever there has been any questions we have had she has got things sorted so quickly and it has felt like nothing has been too much trouble. I have thanked her too, but knew you would like to know as well.

(Mr Ward)

I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work making sure the Year6/7 transition went well.  Thank you also for the staff giving up their time in the Summer holidays to allow the children to come in and meet their form, form tutor and have a look around.  It really did help Gaby, more so that I expected.  The 6+ weeks of work and planning which was put into making the transition a smooth process really did pay off, and it was very much appreciated, especially at a time over the Summer when you should have been able to switch off.
(Mrs Allen )
Feedback from the Induction Sessions Hosted in August 

A massive thank you to all the staff that gave up their time for the induction session, in their summer holidays. Organising these sessions has been so very much appreciated. Thank you.

(Mr & Mrs Ward)

Many thanks again for your prompt reply over the weekend that reassured Katrina and eventually I was able to sort the SIMS app too. Really appreciate it.
I love this new SIMS app too, very handy.  Here we could see school activity and hopefully as a parent I will be prompted if there s any homework or subjects that my children struggle with so I could get support for them. Well done to all CTK staff for all your hardwork and thank you all
(Katrina Core’s Mum)
Feedback on The Transition Booklet 

The information we have received has been really helpful and helped Dominic to feel a reduced level of anxiety about starting at Christ the King. Dominic is really looking forward to starting and meeting new people.

The booklet is very informative and we have referred to it on many occasions and I am sure we will use it on more occasions to re -read and check information which we are unsure of or forgotten. 

It’s good and easy to read

It helps to feel normal. Learning from this book is also useful for activities

The transition booklet is great, full of information to help parents and children. I like how its showing us what our child needs and showing them different things to expect in September. I’m rubbish with technology so liked the fact we could see it all without going on the computer 

Key Information
Our Catholic Ethos & Chaplaincy

At CTK we are very lucky to have a School Chaplain. His name is Dennis Jones and most of you who are regular attendees at church in the Southport area will no doubt have met him.

You can find Dennis either in the Chapel, which is part of our school hall, or in the new Chaplaincy room in RE2. Visiting either of these spaces gives you time to relax and reflect, either on your own or with friends. There are lots of activities to get involved in in the Chapel and RE2.

Getting involved in Chaplaincy at CTK means learning more about who you are and the wonderful gifts that you have – gifts that we sometimes keep hidden. We value you as part of our community and want you to build CTK into an even greater place to grow, learn, serve and pray. You will be given so many opportunities to thrive at CTK to give you the best chance of a happy and fulfilled experience of school and life.

The SIMS Parent App
Effective parent engagement is at the core of our management team. The SIMS Parent app is the ideal parental engagement tool for us. It provides a convenient and accessible way for our school to communicate with parents and carers on all aspects of school life.

Parent & Carer Letter | Download Instructions

Uniform and PE Kit

Miss Summers


PE Kit


Girls PE
Kit #1

Girls PE
Kit #2

Homework & Travelling to School

Miss Summers explains our homework policy and answers some frequently asked questions including travelling to school.
Travelling to School Downloads
Navigating School & Key Staff

Finding your way around &
Key Staff

A Virtual tour of the school by
Miss Summers

Feelings about starting at CTK



Favourite things

Timetables, Break & Lunch

Timetable, Break and Lunch
introduction by Miss Summers

Timetable example

Timetable example

Personal Belongings & Responsibilities

Miss Summers illustrating the equipment prospective pupils should bring to school
and answers some frequently asked questions.

Boys #1

Girls #1

Girls #2

Google Classroom & Google Meet

Google Classroom allows teachers to create classes, post assignments, organize folders, and view work in real-time.

Students can begin their work with just one click, by viewing the assignment, then opening a Google Doc. When they do this, teachers have a real-time view into student progress and can offer feedback along the way. Students each have their own Google Drive folder that allows students and teachers access to previous work, and our teachers can even assign grades within Google Classroom. Click here for Instructions

In addition to Google Classroom we are currently using Google Meet to perform ‘online’ teaching. Our students can participate in ‘Online’ meetings with our teachers, continuing their education and progress through these unprecedented times. Click here for Instructions


Miss Summers talks about ways in which we communicate with both parents and
pupils and answers some frequently asked questions.

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We keep our community of Parents, Carers, Students and Staff informed with lots of posts across our social media.

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Miss Summers gives a presentation on how assemblies work at CTK

Go Big Tasks
Meet the Staff

Made with Padlet

Made with Padlet

Made with Padlet
Meet the Subjects
At Christ the King School we support and value the abilities of all our pupils. It is our duty to provide equal opportunities for every person in our care and a safe and fully equipped learning environment which caters to the needs of every child as an individual.
Our SEN Co-ordinator is Mrs Alexandra Panah (panaha@christtheking-school.com)
Pupil Learning Journey
Key Contacts

Transition Team

Main school office
01704 565121 press option 3 

info@christtheking-school.com. Open from 8.15am to 4.00pm.

Student Services to report absences
 01704 565121 press option 1 


Pastoral Care Staff
Your child’s form tutor will be your first key contact whilst your child is a pupil at CTK.

 Safeguarding Designated Lead
Miss O’Hanlon – ohanlonn@christtheking-school.com

Year 6 Transition / Year 7 Student Progress Leader
Miss Summers – summersk@christtheking-school.com

Student Progress Leader KS3
Miss O’Kane – okanec@christtheking-school.com

KS3 Pastoral Assistant
Mrs Magill – magilc@christtheking-school.com

Mrs Panah panaha@christtheking-school.com

Safeguarding Designated Lead
 Miss O’Hanlon ohanlon@christtheking-school.com

Safeguarding Team and Pastoral Assistants
Mrs Ashton – ashtoa@christtheking-school.com

Mrs Sumner – sumnern@christthking-school.com

Miss Cunningham – cunninghamh@christtheking-school.com

Miss O’Kane – okanec@christtheking-school.com

Mr Mitchell – mitchells@christtheking-school.com

Induction Activity Programme

Our new Year 7 pupils will follow a carefully planned induction programme in their first few months at CTK. One of the activities they will all take part in is a ‘retreat day’ organised by Dennis, our Chaplain. They will visit one of our local parish churches to participate in a range of ice-breaker tasks so that pupils can get to know each other and have some fun. The day also allows pupils to prepare for our Year 7 Welcome Mass that all parents/family members are invited to. At the Mass, we will show the range of photographs that have captured the various activities that our new pupils have participated in during their induction into CTK. Our Year 7 pupils will be invited to join us on a one night residential stay at Barnstondale Acitivity Centre to make new friends outside the classroom environment with their new classmates and peers in their year group.  

School Posts
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