The Year 7 catch-up premium is a fund to support pupils who did not achieve the expected standard in reading and/or maths at the end of Key Stage 2.

Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Strategies

Christ the King High school received £13,437 in Catch-Up Premium in 2019-20. This additional grant is  used :
  To identify concerns and target intervention and support to accelerate progress
  For interventions to narrow the gap. By providing intensive literacy and numeracy support and raise the attainment of those students entitled to catch- up premium.


In 2018-2019 Christ the King High School received £12,912 in Catch-Up Premium. The impact of such funding is monitored through assessment data, assessment for learning, behaviour and attitude. Supportive strategies are considered depending on the individual needs of students.


40 pupils received a range of Catch up Intervention
81% pupils improved their reading age.
R.A. of pupils improved by an average of 9.7 months
63% were above or on target


8 pupils received a range of intervention
61% pupils were above or on target

Year 7 Catch-up Intervention Programme

InterventionStrategyIntended Impact
Rapid Plus reading
An intensive literacy programme is delivered by the Literacy Department after school and/or withdrawal from lessons. Pupils receive 1:1 reading intervention for 30 minutes twice a week. Pupils are continually assessed and monitored. They receive a bespoke intervention programme. SPAG worksheets support spelling, comprehension and grammar.Focused intervention and personalised learning approach to support individual’s needs and deliver maximum impact.
Develop inferential and literal comprehension skills, rapidly improve reading age. Spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Accelerated ReaderAccelerated reader programme improves students reading ages. It also develops a love of reading and increased comprehension skills.
Students work with the Literacy teacher and school Librarian.
Increased reading age and engagement – to support progress in English and across all subjects
IDLIDL digital learning; phonics, spelling, punctuation and reading practice.
Sequenced learning match pupil’s individual needs.
Focused intervention to gain. Improve spelling and phonetically alphabet especially in dyslexic pupils
Small focused group
intervention for maths
Symphony Maths
Regular numeracy starters, Symphony maths personalised learning approach to support individual’s needs. Targeted revision and reinforcement tasks on Hegerty maths to aid independent learning. Increased use of manipulatives with target students to explain maths concepts in the pictoral rather than abstract way.Focused intervention to gain maximum impact. Develop rapid recall of facts e.g. number bonds, times tables, arithmetic methods to increase fluency. Develop problem solving skills using key facts in real life contexts.
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